Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Media Lacks Passion on Court Change

We know through the relentless drum beat of publication of hundreds of stories, that former governor Eliot Spitzer wore knee high black socks when he had sex with admitted whores. But when it comes to informing the public about a court where the powerful and greedy steal and deeply hurt thousands of New Yorkers and their families in their most troubling times, the press covers only the breaking court scandals without doing any investigation into the causes or to connect the dots and build public support for change. The public is left with nothing but the hope that if they vote for this or that endorsed candidate for Surrogate promising change, the stealing from the dead will stop in Surrogate Court. An analysis of the past clearly shows that hope is not enough.

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Ellian Lopez said...

John Reddy is the most qualified candidate to clean up Manhattan Surrogate's Court. He already has a ten point plan for Surrogate Court reform. Read it at
Remember to vote Sept. 9th.