Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Reddy Protégé Arenson

"John Reddy is a partner in the law firm of Bekerman and Reddy, LLP. Mr. Reddy has been associated with the Counsel to the Public Administrator of New York County since 1979, and has served as counsel since 1996. Mr. Reddy has found Memories of Professor Joseph Arenson who helped him begin his career in trusts and estates. Joe Anerson gave me a job while I was still in Law School," Mr. Reddy recalled. "Eventually I became a partner in his firm and now I have his old job as Counsel to the Public Administrator." – NY Law School Report Alumni Connection 2007

Mr. Arenson, whose ten-lawyer firm has served the Public Administrator’s office for 35 years. . . Mr. Arenson firm received a total of 1.7 Million in 1985 (Controller's Report said) – NY Times, November 28, 1987

Joseph Arenson was involved in an additional scandal five years later with his replacement counsel Phillip Beckerman a member of his law firm and partners with Surrogate candidate John Reddy

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