Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Manhattan Surrogate Court Controlled By A "Group" of Three Insiders for nearly 50 Years

Despite over a generation of Surrogate candidates and newspaper editorials calling for and promising reform three men have run the Manhattan Surrogate Court’s counsel office for almost 50 years and they all belong to the same "core" law firm. The last two counsels are law partners. One of the three, John Reddy, is trying to become the Surrogate Judge this year to continue their fifty year run well into the future.

The Family Business
1. Joseph T. Arenson
2. Phillip Beckerman
3. John Reddy

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Ellian Lopez said...

John Reddy is the most qualified candidate to clean up Manhattan Surrogate's Court. He already has a ten point plan for Surrogate Court reform. Read it at www.reddyforsurrogate.com
Remember to vote Sept. 9th.