Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WHY NOT Reason 2

Fake bank accounts of the dead similar to the city council fake non profits exposed by a former employees lawsuit

“In the interview Ms. Griffin said that contrary to Mr. Connolly's allegations of fraudulent endorsements, "I didn't sign any checks." But Mr. Beckerman -- who voiced surprise during his court examination when he was shown a copy of a $60,000 check payable to his "estate" -- said that the endorsement "looks like" his name in Ms. Griffin's handwriting. Documents cited by Mr. Connolly showed that some of the more than $200,000 withheld from him in accounts in his name was actually paid to others, including a freelance lawyer he said had already been paid by his firm. In all, he testified, 10 checks totaling more than $35,000 were drawn on his account, without his knowledge, and paid to others. "Each of these checks contains a handwritten forgery of my signature," he said in a sworn statement.” –NY Times, July 25, 1992

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