Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seth Rubinstein Anderson $250,000 Man

Last October a messenger from Mrs. Lambert's office -- who doubles as another disinherited Brody heir -- delivered some papers to opposing counsel in the case, Seth Rubenstein of Brooklyn. While there, the young messenger spotted something disconcerting: on the wall of Mr. Rubenstein's waiting room, measuring some six square feet was a "Renee Roth for Surrogate" poster, dating from her 1982 campaign for the post.

"The poster is obviously intended to and does create the impression that there is a relationship between Judge Roth and Mr. Rubenstein," he asserted in court papers. "The appearance of impropriety is so great that the Judge should disqualify herself in this hotly contested matter."

Mr. Rubenstein countered that the poster was "hardly huge," and that it represented merely one item in a collection of Surrogate's Courtabilia reflecting his own multi-generational ties to the place. -NY Times, July 17, 1992

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Ellian Lopez said...

New Yorkers need to understand just how arrogant and deceptive Manhattan Surrogate Judge candidate Nora Anderson is. This is from the September 4th edition of the NY Daily News:
"Anderson has borrowed $225,000 from her longtime employer, trust lawyer Seth Rubenstein, who is the grandson of a surrogate and the father of Manhattan lawyer Joshua Rubenstein, who heads the trust and estate section of a major law firm.

That's almost certainly a violation of Article 14, Section 114 of New York State election law, which specifies that a campaign loan "shall be deemed, to the extent not repaid by the date of the primary, general or special election, as the case may be, a contribution."

The $225,000 is far above the legal contribution limit. So Anderson, if she wins, will likely be in violation of the law."

Anderson has no intention of paying back that "Loan" and will only be subject to a small fine for intentionally violating the election law. Sad, a candidate for Judge breaking the law on her way to the bench. Can you imagine what her behavior will be like once she's on the bench?

Seth Rubenstein, the lawyer that loaned Nora Anderson the $225,000 will be appearing before her for guardianships if she is elected. You tell me, do you think he will get his money back tenfold with her as judge?

If Seth Rubenstein wanted to control the Manhattan's Surrogate Court that much, he should have run for the office himself, rather than using Nora Anderson as his shill, and illegally financing her campaign from behind the scenes.

As for Justice Tingling, he may have some "Judicial Experience", but he also has one of the worst reversal rates of any NY State Superior Court Judge, being overturned by the appellate division almost 50 percent of the time. Check out his record at:

John Reddy is a reformer with a 10 point plan on cleaning up Surrogate's Court. He worked hard to raise the money to finance his campaign, and every contribution he got was legal and didn't violate the elections law. Every penny he raised was done so legally and he is experienced and committted to improving the Manhattan Surrogate's Court.

The only real candidate for changing Surrogate Court who is qualified and honest is John Reddy.