Monday, December 8, 2008

Brooklyn Special Add: Justice demands payback

Daily News Editorial, December 8, 2008

Justice certainly does take time. In 2002, the Daily News exposedhow then-Brooklyn Surrogate's Court Judge Michael Feinberg improperlyokayed $9 million in fees for his lawyer pal Louis Rosenthal, some $2million over and above what Rosenthal was due for his work on estates.

Feinbergwas charged by a state commission with misconduct and bounced from thebench in 2005. Last week, he was disbarred and Rosenthal's law licensewas suspended for two years. Just deserts.

Yet there remains thematter of the excessive cash Rosenthal pocketed from the estates of thedead with Feinberg's connivance. It is up to Attorney General AndrewCuomo to get that money from Rosenthal and to the estates ofBrooklynites and their rightful heirs.

Cuomo has plenty ofevidence: the 13,500-page record of the Feinberg removal proceeding,the unanimous Court of Appeals opinion ratifying the removal and nowthe disbarment and suspension of the bums. Go for it, Andy.

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