Friday, May 23, 2008

John Reddy Voted in NJ When his Campaign Says He Lived in NY

"With respect to Mr. Reddy's residency, Ms. Seto asserted that Mr. Reddy "grew up in New Jersey, has a house in New Jersey and his kids go to school in New Jersey."
Mr. Dilemani rebutted those assertions, saying that since 2004 Mr. Reddy and his wife and two of their children have lived in a condominium he purchased on the Upper East Side. His two daughters have commuted from New York to a parochial school in New Jersey, though starting this fall one daughter will go to college in Philadelphia, Mr. Dilemani added.
Since Mr. Reddy moved to New York with his family, Mr. Dilemani added, his mother-in-law has lived in the New Jersey house." - NY Law Journal, August 21, 2008

The registration card that John Reddy signed with the New York Board of Elections on September 5, 2007 he put down that he voted in 2006 in Passaic, NJ

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